in a Nutshell

I am Gábor Nagy, an illustrator based in Budapest, and it is an honor to share my journey with you. With a wealth of experience spanning two decades in the advertising industry and publishing companies, I have had the privilege of serving as both an art director and illustrator. Through this journey, I have gained valuable insights into the creative process, from inception to the realization of polished final products. My educational background includes specialized studies at the esteemed Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, where I had the opportunity to refine my skills and embrace the power of attention to detail and aesthetic finesse.

I must admit that my heart beats for the enchanting worlds of fantasy and science fiction. As an ardent gamer, avid reader, self-proclaimed geek, and passionate illustrator and concept artist, I find myself captivated by the magic of these realms. My humble contributions to this genre include approximately 60 sci-fi and fantasy book covers, a testament to my dedication and commitment to creating captivating visual narratives.

Should you require captivating illustrations for your advertising campaigns, eye-catching artwork for your publishing projects, or breathtaking concept art, I humbly offer my skills to bring your vision to life. With a keen understanding of deadlines and the ability to work efficiently, I am here to serve as your creative partner.

As an artist, my passion lies primarily in the following fields: board-game illustration, fantasy and sci-fi book cover design, card game illustration, and concept art for games. These areas fuel my imagination and allow me to delve deep into the realms of creativity, ensuring that the final result is a true reflection of the essence you desire. Together, let us embark on a collaborative journey where we can explore endless possibilities and create something truly remarkable. I welcome the opportunity to connect and discuss how we can weave magic into your projects.


Layered art for a hacker from the future

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Sci-fi rendering

Speedpaint practice